Woman pepper sprays Black Friday electronics shoppers at Wal-Mart

Porter Ranch Wal-Mart Black Friday shoppers were in for a shock when some of them were pepper sprayed in the mad rush, not by the police or staff, but by a woman who wanted to get a good deal on an Xbox 360.

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Speed-Racer4018d ago

What a shame that things turned out so violent.

RonyDean4018d ago

This is why I don't do Black Friday, too many horror stories.

Claude4018d ago

Wow this was bad. My friends at a Miami store waited in like for 6 hours, then another 3 hours in the store itself...geebus

SalvatoreLeone4018d ago

Doesn't surprise me. Given that people were killed last year at either the Target or Walmart over by me, this isn't too much of a shock. The people were trampled by the mad rush to get items in the store.

What surprises me is that fact that she wasn't caught or immediately detained. Sure things are crazy but a woman assaulting multiple people? Wouldn't someone notice? Lol.

Brownghost4017d ago

walmart employee was trampled in 2008

SalvatoreLeone4017d ago

Stupid people. :| Such ignorance and neglect....not to mention selfishness over a few bucks. :|

TVippy4018d ago

First stories start to pop up!

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The story is too old to be commented.