Use Beer To Boost Your Wi-Fi Router

The main problem with home Wi-Fi setups is the fact that houses have walls. These evil contraptions of brick and mortar attenuate radio signals to a great degree. With enough of them between your router and portable device, the internet connectivity is reduced to crawling about at speeds reminiscent of the student \ shell accounts of yore.

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Speed-Racer4022d ago

Hmm misleading title... Pretty sure you can use coke cans as well. Nice idea though. Might have to try it.

hazelamy4021d ago

yeah, but a beer can has beer inside, bonus. ^_^

Jasko454021d ago

Racer-X, aren't you an admitted alcoholic?

KillerPwned4021d ago

Very interesting but looks like way to much work after I get drunk first :P

Agent_hitman4021d ago

LOL beer saves the day or should I say coke?