Arrows F-07D Crowned World's Thinnest Phone

A few months ago, Apple and Samsung were trying to outdo each other in declaring their flagship phones as the world's slimmest. The UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) cleared the air by ruling in the iPhone's favour. However, Apple's device was soon overthrown by the Motorola RAZR's 7.1 mm super-slim body. I knew that even RAZR wasn't going to be on top for long, but was anyone expecting Fujitsu to deliver the world's thinnest smartphone?

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Fujitsu Announces New Enterprise Scanner FI-8000

This is a very sleek looking unit., Fujitsu Computer Products of America, the leader in imaging solutions, today announced the Fujitsu fi-8000 series of enterprise scanners.


Vaio Near Deal With Toshiba, Fujitsu to Form Japan PC Giant

Bloomberg: Vaio Corp., the personal computer maker spun off from Sony Corp. in 2014, is closing in on a three-way merger with rivals to create a producer that can dominate Japan and weather a shrinking global PC market.

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Fujitsu announces world's fastest wireless speeds of 56Gbps

"Fujitsu has emailed HEXUS today to trumpet its achievement in developing hardware capable of the world's fastest wireless transmission speeds of 56Gbps. Working closely with Tokyo Institute of Technology, Fujitsu Laboratories developed a new CMOS wireless transceiver chip that can process signals at high speeds with little loss across a broad range of frequencies, from 72 to 100 gigahertz (GHz). The pair also modularised their wireless technology and tested it up to transmission speeds of 56Gbps."