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PS Vita will stream PS3 titles?

Sony could well be working on a future software update for the PlayStation Vita which will see the handheld-console be able to stream all PS3 games directly over a WiFi connection.

Agent_hitman4565d ago

I think it's possible cause vita has Quad core CPU+GPU..

one2thr4564d ago

it is, theres a video of Sony doing it with killzone 3


PlayStation 4 Vudu Video App Updated and Now Allows Vita Remote Play

For those of you that use the UltraViolet Digital Copy Codes with the Vudu video service, and own both a PS4 and a PS Vita, you are in for a treat.

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knifefight3601d ago

Nice to see the Vita getting some official attention. Was disappointed in lack of mentions at E3.


PS Vita Firmware 3.10 adds multiple features

A rundown of the features that the latest PS Vita firmware update added

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Hands On Impressions of the PS4 to PS Vita Remote Play Feature

Entertainment Buddha writes, "One of the more intriguing new features offered by the PS4 is its ability to stream a majority of its games to a PS Vita handheld unit. This feature mimics what Nintendo accomplished with the Wii U and it’s massive gamepad controller, but it actually offers a more robust mobile gaming experience. Rather than being restricted to a tight distance, the PS4 to PS Vita remote play function allows the handheld to play games from the PS4 from anywhere on the Internet, or within a local area network. The remote play feature essentially allows the TV to be freed up for homes with limited screens, as well as turning the Vita into a portable PS4 console of sorts."

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tbon3man3841d ago

Works great and looks good too.