OnLive gets early demos and new games

Since the launch on OnLive back in September the lack of new games on the cloud-based platform has been disappointing, but over the past fortnight early adopters to the videogame streaming service finally have reason to be upbeat.

Alongside the 30 minute demo of Batman: Arkham City, which swiftly became the most trialed game on the platform, players have been treated to the first look at Lord Of The Rings: War in the North, also available to buy shortly. Alongside the two demos, land three new titles - THQ’s Saint’s Row: The Third, LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 and LA Noire: The Complete Edition, all available to purchase now via the OnLive store.


OnLive extending LG partnership to G3 series televisions

Engadget - Are you way into cloud gaming and own an LG Smart TV of the G3 series variety? You're in luck, as OnLive this morning announced support for that very line of Google TV-powered LG televisions, bringing a library of "over 300 titles" to the platform.

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Is cloud gaming the future?

- TechtheWeek -
Rumors are being thrown around the PS4. With talk of it being a cloud only platform.

Although an unlikely scenario, this concept does put out an interesting point. With broadband getting ever faster, is cloud gaming the future?

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iNFAMOUZ14141d ago

uh no.
people like buying stuff they can touch and see, we work hard for our money, why would we want to technically "RENT" something with that hard earned money??? it could easily dissappear one day due to various issues.

techtheweek4140d ago

I agree with all of those points. But we also know that speed of delivery plays a big part in any type of marketing, gaming or otherwise. Cloud gaming offers (technically) instant access to any game, thats something that could push it into the mainstream. Along with the need for no packaging. I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.


Samung Plan To Have Console Built Into TVs| AoF Interview

Addict of Fiction have a chat with Onlive and uncover an unexpected exclusive about Samsung!

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Crazay4166d ago

I'm not surprised to see this sort of thing coming to TVs but the concept of cloud gaming doens't sit well with me. I like having the physical media and I like being able to still play in the event of a provider outage. Further to that point, most providers, at least here in Canada, heavily cap their users and streaming HD videogames sure as hell isn't going to do their(users) caps any favors.