Kindle Fire 2 Will Challenge iPad 3 next year

Kindle Fire 2 and iPad 3 are predicted to “fight” next year, the two products are reported to be launched in adjacent time.

CNET, on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, mentions that Amazon will launch Kindle Fire 2 on May 2012, it will launch at the end of the second quarter next year.

The tablet have 8.9-inch screen, larger than the first generation of Kindle Fire which has 7-inch screen.

This size was chosen because Amazon avoid the competition in 10.1-inch tablet class, which controlled by Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Apple’s iPad.

Meanwhile, the iPad 3 is expected to be launched at the same time. as Quoted from iLounge, it was mentioned that the latest generation of iPad will be 0.77 millimeters thicker than its predecessor.

With a thicker size, iPad 3 could provide the availability of space for a higher resolution screen technology, which previously used on the iPhone 4.

The news certainly could give us some thoughts that the next year tablet market will be more interesting than this year.

iPad is a market leader and will be challenged by Kindle Fire, a new player with a product that costs only half of the iPad.

Kindle Fire also cited as a major threat for the iPad. Quoted from the PC Mag, a polling which held by ChangeWave on 3000 inhabitants of North America found that their interest in Kindle Fire is increasing, consuming other tablets market share vendors than iPad.

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