Scientists test single-pixel wireless contact lens display

Scientists have developed a contact lens that can display a one-pixel image via a wireless transmission.

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SalvatoreLeone4020d ago

Can I hear james bond tech coming in the future? Lol

Snooki4020d ago

Looks like something to look forward too. Might eventually be able to watch TV without needing the TV :P

norman294019d ago

Just wait till they turn it into a camera so every time you blink it takes a picture ;)

Blaine4019d ago

For all those moments where a mental picture just isn't enough.

Oh man, the things I could re-visit. O_O


I don't think watching TV at this would be such a great idea...

I mean, back in the 80's and 70's everyone listen to music directly on the player's laudspeakers. Parents annoyed at the laud music would buy their kids headphones. It looked like a great idea, and while the time passed, this solution became more and more integrated with devices, to the point where today you buy an iPod with in-ear phones... But if you ask a ORL (head and neck surgeon) what is the number one reason for hearing empairemnt for the last 20 years, it's laud music.

Now, remember when your mon used to told you to not stand so close from the TV?

GrumpyVeteran4020d ago

Augmented reality incoming. Look at a restaurant, get popup information?

CynicalVision4020d ago

This kind of technology will be very popular for military use, imagine pilots getting all their HUD information without needing all the equipment in the plane, or soldiers getting real-time satellite images while in the field.

Give it a couple of years and we'll be able to take pictures just by blinking. :P

Darkfocus4019d ago

'that can display a one-pixel image via a wireless transmission'

it can't display an image if it's one can just display 1 pixel....

Speed-Racer4019d ago

You do realize that technically a 1x1 pixel unit is considered an image. It may not be able to show anything of form, but it is still an image.

Darkfocus4019d ago

the dictionary disagrees with you...I'd link but then it won't let me post because it says it looks like spam...just google image definition

Speed-Racer4019d ago (Edited 4019d ago )

You do not consult an english dictionary for the definition of a technical term.

The first line.

Also to avoid the spam filter, put text first and then the link.


It's 1 pixel because it's testing... It's wirelessly powered, in a really small area, with no real application right now... What's the point in starting with a full HD image off the bat? Let's see if it works first, than we can spend billions of dollars more in R&D.

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