AllThingsD Rumor: Apple's iTV Could have a Sharp Picture

There may be more to Apple’s developing relationship with Sharp than simple supply-chain diversification and OLED panels for future iPhones and iPads. The Japanese company is said to be playing a role in the production of the long-rumored Apple television.

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Apple iTV release date, news and rumours

Techradar-We love our new Full HD Apple TV, but we're not sure Apple does: the firm's more interested in getting iPads into your living room than Apple TVs under your flat screen.

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Apple TV’s missed opportunity

GigaOM: I hate writing posts like this, the kind of story that talks about how underwhelming or disappointing a new product is. It makes me think of this one Louis CK bit, about how everything is amazing and nobody’s happy. But really, I just can’t help it.