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7 Things to keep in mind when you buy a Notebook this Season

Another joy filled holiday season is right around the corner, and lots of people will be shopping for new laptop computers with Black Friday and Christmas sales almost here. These 10 tips will greatly help you while you sort through the dozens of available laptop PCs.

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Dell SupportAssist Vulnerability Lets Remote Code Execution

According to 17-year-old Bill Demirkapi, a self-proclaimed protection researcher, Dell SupportAssist had a vulnerability that lets remote code execution

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davidmiller1846d ago

where there is tech, there are loop holes

1845d ago

MSI Prestige PS42 8RB review — expanding horizons for MSI! – Pokde

The MSI Prestige PS42 8RB is MSI's first shot at an ultrabook. Can they nail it on their very first try? They might have just done it.


Google Reveals the New Pixelbook Chromebook

It was all but fully revealed before the event, but today Google announced the Google Pixelbook, a new flagship level Chromebook directly from Google.

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