Samsung Takes Shot At Apple in New Galaxy S II TV Spot

Samsung's talking smack about the iPhone 4S in its new Galaxy S II TV ad. But are all the comparisons they mention true? “The next big thing is already here.”

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Gondee4023d ago

Ahahah,that was more a direct hit to apple fans. lol. Great commercial

ThePundit4023d ago

Yea but won't it enrage customers who buy both galaxy and iphones.

bunfighterii4023d ago

I loved the "I could never get a Samsung, I'm creative."--"Dude your a Barista".

SKUD4023d ago

The first Samsung touch screen phone I ever owned was a Glyde. I still have nightmares about it. Each time I see a samsung touch screen phone commercial, I cringe. BIG TIME. I wonder If they still have that annoying buzz when you navigate through the phone.

Strange_Evil4023d ago

Samsung taking a shot at Apple unknowingly took a shot at themselves lol.. They admitted no one stands in line for a Samsung phone!!

Software_Lover4023d ago

Love Samsung phones. I have a Focus WP7 and its the best phone I've ever owned. My wife has a Samsung (forget the name) droid phone. Its a Galaxy phone from AT&t that was popular last year. She loves it also

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