Pakistani telecoms forced to filter 1,600 “offensive and obscene” words from SMS messages

The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority has ordered mobile telecom providers in Pakistan to filter a list of 1,600 words that they deem to be “offensive and obscene”. Some of the words are plain ridiculous including “deposit”, “fairy”, “hole”, “stupid”, among a few others. Guess they secretly hate the English language.

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SalvatoreLeone2524d ago

Any sort of censorship is matter the type. :|

dilawer2524d ago

You are write, there has to be some sort of freedom of speech and Text :)

Speed-Racer2524d ago

I wonder what else they'll plan to censor... next China soon?

Frak2523d ago

censoring explicit words is alright by me but censoring words sch as athletes foot is a dumb

CynicalVision2523d ago

What's the point, people will just end up spelling the words differently.