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Amazon Planning 8.9 and 10.1-inch Kindle Fires

Gadgehit writes: "Amazon is reportedly working on two new next-generation Kindle Fire tablets, sized at 8.9 inches and 10.1 inches, similar to Samsung’s sizing methods. The 8.9-inch model is apparently going to launch by the end of the second quarter of 2012, with production of that model beginning in the middle of that quarter."

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Software_Lover4022d ago

So basicly they are gonna try and get closer and closer to Ipad prices. I still dont understand why people are willing to pay those ridiculous prices for the ipad/ipad2. I bought my wife a kindle fire for xmas (its under the tree) and I think she is gonna love it. I also bought a 50.00 gift card, a case, a pen, a car dash mount, new earphones, and still spent less than the cheapest ipad.

For myself, Im still waiting on the windows 8 tablets. Those ought to be great and I trust in Samsung to make a great device.