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Chinese officials seized control of NASA satellites for 11+ minutes, says report

A November 2011 Report to Congress has revealed that two NASA satellites were hijacked by Chinese officials, one of them being totally controlled for an aggregate period of 11 minutes.

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Speed-Racer4536d ago

The US didn't seem to care much about the hack. Sure they mentioned in was a breach but what action are they going to take? Guess on the other hand they can't point fingers since the evidence is not firm enough.

RememberThe3574535d ago

That and they probably do the same shit to the Chinese. lol

RonyDean4536d ago

A NASA satellite you say? Did China want to see a close up of Uranus?

Gondee4535d ago

You can't blame them, we probably have control of a lot of their things 24/7.

CynicalVision4535d ago

Doubtful, China are way ahead of the United States in terms of cyber warfare.

Dakidog4535d ago

What do you base this off? Do people really think they know what governments are capable of these days?

swinesucker4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

That is the most absurd thing I have ever heard. The US is like 5x ahead of everybody in cyber warfare. China don't have shite compared to what the US does in this category. We invented computers not China dude.

caseh4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )


Inventing something doesn't mean you are infinitely ahead of the curve, blink and its already been improved and adapted by someone else.

Apple introduce the touchscreen phone to the masses, in my eyes HTC and Samsung are now panning them by developing the idea further.

Take a look at the games console market over the past hmmmm 20-25 years. One thing I can tell you, it wasn't the US developing the leading consoles. F*ck, they didn't even enter the market till a few years ago.

With a blind comment like that you MUST be American.

Jihaad_cpt4534d ago

but CERN created the internet, So I guess the Swiss must be the best at hacking right swinesucker?

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Jihaad_cpt4534d ago (Edited 4534d ago )

luckily China has Americas money, they are safe for now...

tawak4535d ago

naah just scanning it. they just want copy it, thats all.

Speed-Racer4535d ago

Not at this time. The US simply can't afford it.

Agent_hitman4535d ago

So are you saying that chine can bully USA whenever they want to?..

Just asking..

Speed-Racer4535d ago

To go to war over a terrain satellite would make no sense. I'm pretty sure they do wrong to each other ALL the time in different ways. Plus with the US recently pulling out of wars in Iraq and other countries (and given the massive debt crisis), it wouldn't make the best of sense. Only if there was a very serious threat would they decide to go to war. I can't speak about the Chinese' state of defenses, but right now they have the money to fund a war...

SnakeCQC4535d ago

the us always have money for war but not for a nhs. It's quite disheartening that people there have to pay thousands of dollars for care(some surgeries can cost over a 100k)

theonlylolking4535d ago

China cannot afford it. They NEED the USA. If the USA was not around then who would buy all of the stuff made in china?

Speed-Racer4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

I don't know what you guys are talking about, because China's economy is booming right about now. They're pretty much on the way to becoming the new #1 super power in the world.

Even though sustaining that might be another question.

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ngecenk4535d ago

just curious, how exactly us can win a war with china? the only way to win is to use nuclear

ProjectVulcan4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

This kind of hacking is not going to go away, it is going to get worse as they probe United States defences and see just how far they can push the USA before some sort of action is taken.

The Chinese forces are incomplete, they still lack a blue water navy to project power. However this is being built with a view that China is almost certainly the next military superpower. By 2016 China could have 2 new heavy carriers in operation to go along with the newly refitted heavy ex-soviet carrier they now possess that will probably enter service sometime next year. This could cause a major interruption in the way the United States projects its power around Taiwanese waters.

swinesucker4535d ago

Almost certainly going to cause problems as it should. We really have no business over there.

FlameBaitGod4535d ago (Edited 4535d ago )

What he said ----> Racer-X , China could rape us at any time they wanted lol

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