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Air China Launches Trial of Gogo's In-Flight Entertainment Equipment

Sacramento Bee - Gogo, a leader of in-flight connectivity and an innovator of in-flight entertainment solutions, has reached an agreement to provide a trial of its wireless in-flight entertainment equipment on Air China. The first live trial on a commercial flight was conducted on November 15 on a Boeing 737 en route from Beijing to Chengdu. Live trials are expected to continue through the first quarter of 2012.


In-flight Gogo Wi-Fi that's 10x faster will be here sooner than you think

Current airplane Wi-Fi sucks. It's borderline usable and very expensive. Trying to get any work done on the super slow Wi-Fi feels like you've teleported back in time to the dial-up era.

Faster in-flight Wi-Fi from Gogo Inc., the largest in-flight internet provider, is coming to U.S. airlines... in 2018, according to The Wall Street Journal.

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TechImperia2760d ago

Such relief if you ask me. I require WiFi way more often than I require food.

W1ldWolf2760d ago

Until they unblock streaming in flight WiFi is mostly useless for me.


Gogo says its 2Ku's 100 Mbps is airline Holy Grail, higher speeds not crucial

Gogo's 2Ku satellite broadband service to commercial aircraft will provide more than 100 megabits per second per aircraft in 2017. Gogo said higher speeds are not crucial to airline customers. "We've taken the issue off the table"

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American Airlines strikes a deal with ViaSat to bring satellite WiFi to 100 planes

American Airlines has gone non-Gogo, striking a deal with Southern Californian communications company ViaSat to bring satellite-powered WiFi to 100 Boeing 737..

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They are doing something really good that others should also think to do. Yes but that internet service would raise the price of the fare and services we avail.