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A camera that will change the way you take photos

Digital cameras come and go with ever-increasing megapixels, zoom capability and loads of complex technical features that don’t matter to most of us except the pros....

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Jacksparrow4032d ago

can this meet the quality of SLR's in the market ,i seriously doubt so

ThePundit4031d ago

Obviously this camera is not meant to replace the dslr. It's a new toy for mainstream users not the prosumers.

Jacksparrow4031d ago

i dont see how this could bring a change in anyway we take photos though.

RocknRola4031d ago

it only offers a new perspective to photography with its attachments and accessories which you would otherwise have to pay a tidy amount for.

Speed-Racer4031d ago

Any pro photographer knows that megapixels is the least of their concern.

RocknRola4031d ago

for a decent a pic one atleast requires a 5 megapixel or above

Speed-Racer4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

We're talking cameras here, not cellphones or calculators, and we're not back in the early 2000s when a 5MP camera was the big thing.

Dasteru4031d ago

@RocknRola You realize that a 3MP image is 2048x1536 resolution right? unless you are going to be printing them out the size of a large poster, 5MP is not required. Also most pro photographers do after shot image processing on a computer using a RAW image file. If the original pixel count is too low they simply make it better. 90% of a high end DSLR camera is in feature sets like shutter speed for capturing fast moving objects without blur and various other photo types, Not high resolution.

ThePundit4031d ago

But this isn't meant for a pro photographer is it? I would say that the target audience would be gadget freaks for whom the spec sheet is everything.

Speed-Racer4031d ago

Whoever wrong your story focused on some of the wrong points in my opinion.