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Pirated Software Hurts U.S. Jobs, Economy, Microsoft Says

Thomas Claburn : Thursday was Play Fair Day, and on this Microsoft-created annual event designed to remind people about the problems associated with intellectual property theft, Microsoft released a study showing that software piracy in Brazil, Russia, India, and China creates an aggregate competitive disadvantage of $8.2 billion over five years for companies that play by the rules.

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KingPin4392d ago

And over-priced software hurts the consumers who have jobs, and uphold the economy.

price your products competitively then you wont have any reason for people to pirate your stuff.


Microsoft launches app for iPhone users to use iMessage on PC

Microsoft has made it easy for iPhone users to check their mobile updates on Windows-enabled computers.

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Microsoft is dabbling with ads in the Windows 11 Settings menu

Is nothing sacred?

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Microsoft DirectStorage is finally here, but there's a catch

Microsoft's next-generation storage API for PC games might be kind of a mess. Taking a look at the news around the DirectStorage implementation in Forspoken and what it might mean for the API going forward.

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