22 per cent of iPhone owners regret buying one

Luke Westaway: The poll, conducted by, asked 1,694 Brits aged 18 and over whether they were satisfied with their phone. And it would seem that a decent chunk of those who opted for Apple's shiny high-end smart phone wish they hadn't bothered.

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Si-Fly4027d ago

I've never met an iPhone user who's said they regretted buying one, it's normally them saying they'll never go back to a different manufacturer!

Serg4027d ago

Many iPhone owners I know will state how "proud" they are to own one, but I catch them complaining about it all the time and throwing jealous glimpses at my Galaxy S...

Which just shows they bought into the hype and keep that thing just because it's an Apple product.

They should call 911 and demand an Android phone.

Gondee4025d ago

No matter how hard you try, your phone will be forgotten in a year, and that iPhone of theres will still be cool. Its just that simple

SKUD4027d ago

There's always some sort of regret when buying a cell phone. None of them are perfect.