Google Confirms No Flash Support For Galaxy Nexus For Now

Hackslurp-"Yes, the Galaxy Nexus is going to be shipped without Flash Player support. Those among us who already have Galaxy Nexus brought up this issue that they do not have Flash Player support and that it is not available in the market either !

Ice Cream Sandwich not getting flash player support for now should not be too surprising in light of recent Adobe's announcement that they are abandoning the Flash support in favor of HTML 5."

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Speed-Racer4028d ago

Well it's kinda the obvious given the Flash will no longer be in development. While alot of you disagree with me, in my opinion it's a good hand to force to move towards HTML5.

altairahmad4027d ago

So perhaps Steve Jobs foresaw this ?

jeromejones14027d ago

Steve Jobs did not foresee anything. Naive people claim hes had a hand in everything ever since his death like hes their God. Flash from its inception was known to be an unoptimised format and set to be replaced with html5 in the pipeline for many years now.

Just because a hipster first heard it from Steve Jobs mouth does not mean Steve foresaw it... In addition to that, apple put tremendous pressure and adobe has admitted the pressure from apple is.probably the sole reason for dropping flash for mobiles.

gamer78044027d ago

Steve jobs just knew what was the future along with Macromedia and everyone else that for some reason adobe themselves couldn't see.

Kyur4ThePain4027d ago you agree that Apple was the first company to actually stand up and show flash the door. Good. There is some value to your post.

TheEatingVodka4027d ago

Steve Jobs caused this just for not including Flash in iOS.
He didn't include it not cause he "foresaw" its death but because he was being a docuhebag

jeromejones14027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )


Many tech analysts knew of flash support being too resourceful on mobile devices and in need of an alternative. Android users can still use flash and this is very advantageous in internet use as 75% of video content is flash based for example. They merely wont receive updates. My main remark is directed towards the idea that Steve.Jobs prophecised as if he is some genious when clearly this was common knowledge in tech circles. Just because some tech deficient dudes went to an Apple convention or heard a statement from their Lord Jobs, they assume this is one of his revelations.

altairahmad4027d ago


Have to agree with you !

jeromejones14027d ago

*resource heavy not resourceful


thanks brah

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