A quick look at Gunnar's glasses for computer junkies

Tech Report:

Quick poll: everyone who regularly squints at a computer monitor or television at least eight hours a day, raise your hand. Do I hear nine hours? Ten? Twelve? Depressingly, you'll still find my hand waving timidly in the air.

A long time ago at a corner desk far, far away... I came to the realization that my eyeballs are constantly fixated on the same glowing rectangle well beyond any time frame that could be considered healthy. Recently, a new trend has crept into the office: Gunnar computer glasses.

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Liquet Lens from GUNNAR Optiks Arrives in Style

GUNNAR Optiks hopes to become your go-to glasses for eye strain reduction.

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Gunnar Optiks RPG Gaming Eyewear review - ChristCenteredGamer

Gunnar Optiks was founded in 2007 and is known for making gaming and/or prescription eyewear as well as stylish sunglasses. The non-prescription models range from $69.99 to $299.99 on their website, but they can be purchased for as little as $49.99 on Amazon or Best Buy’s website.

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Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses At CES 2014 - Gamerhubtv

Gamerhubtv - Gunnar exec Joe Croft previews the latest video game glasses that eSports pros use to compete in front of computer or TV screens all day in this exclusive demo from CES 2014.