Tesco to Release First Ever Augmented Reality Service

TechExclusive: "Tesco shoppers will soon be able to use the first ever augmented reality service. This means that if you hold the catalogue up to your computers webcam, you will be able to see that product in life-like 3D".

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azurelimit4026d ago

This is amazing! I cannot wait until this bring these over to USA and I get to test out food. ;)

djslapdash4025d ago

Tesco's the biggest a**holes in the industry, the quicker there brought down the better.

Dac2u4025d ago

It makes more sense to me to have a 3d view built into a webpage, than to use a 3rd party program that lets you view a 3d image in a more awkward way.

HICK4025d ago

This isn't new. Samsung or Panasonic have been doing similar things for a while. Lame.