Intel unveils 1 TFLOP/s Knight's Corner chip

Knight's Corner is the first delivery of a teraflops of sustained double precision performance on a single chip, built on general purpose architecture, and breaking the barrier that was last broken by Intel 15 years ago with the AsciiRed, a system that exceeded 70 cabinets.

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nherbw4031d ago

looks like Intel and ARM are starting a supercomputer war!

Stumpy19644031d ago

the ARM V Intel battle is heating up

sjaakiejj4030d ago

Since when is there an ARM vs Intel battle? They're two different (and mutually exclusive) markets...

sjaakiejj4030d ago

Previously known as the Intel Larabee, hence why they're using FLOPs as the measurement of performance. They rebranded it to this once they realized that it was rubbish for graphics, lol.