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iControlPad team claims Gametel controller 'IP violation', contacts lawyers

If you think the iOS and Android iControlPad Bluetooth peripheral and the recently featured Gametel wireless controller both look more than a little bit similar, you're not the only one.

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iPhone and iPad controller peripheral round-up

Pocket Gamer: Apple's iOS is a wonderful platform for gaming. After all, where else can you download thousands upon thousands of quality titles for as little as 69p / 99c?

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Pocket-lint: Gametel Bluetooth gamepad Preview

Pocket-lint: A Swedish company called Gametel is about to launch a new accessory for Android phone users that will let them play games using a Bluetooth gaming D-pad rather than the phone’s touchscreen.

The new Gametel controller in effect turns your Android phone, be it HTC or Samsung, into an Xperia Play allowing you to play games without the faff of on-screen controls.

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Strongfist364536d ago

I wonder how this thing would work with phones that already have a slide out key bored.

ThePundit4535d ago

You wouldn't be able to use the slider as long as you have this gadget attached.

Strongfist364535d ago

Yeah I found that out after checking out the article. I want it!


Pocket Gamer: Hands-on with the new Gametel wireless controller for Android

Pocket Gamer really likes the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, especially now it's on sale for a reasonable price but it's not surprised some people don't fancy carrying around a rather bulky smartphone for relatively short periods of actual game playing time.

That's why a Swedish company called Fructel came up with the idea of creating the Gametel gamepad.

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