Padvance: Amazon Kindle Fire Review

Padvance's Steve Palley writes, "Those who write that the Fire is not competitive with the iPad are dead wrong, because the long-term challenge is to access and sell devices to the vast numbers of people who don't know or care about tablet computers -- and Amazon's price play has removed a very serious barrier to caring."

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spall034033d ago

I really do think the Fire is on its way to being a huge deal. I also think that it's eventually going to fix the Android Market by providing a pole star for developers to follow.

rpad4033d ago

I agree with half of that. My problem with the Amazon App Store is that its slower to get updates than Android Market. Hopefully Amazon can speed things up in the near future.

mrthedge4033d ago

If I didn't have an iPad already, the price might have swayed me to buy a Fire. Amazon's song and movie prices are often a little cheaper than Apple's, too.

parisa4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

I found this quite informative. I was very curious about the Kindle Fire's Silk browser and a bit disappointed (although not surprised) to find that it's not all it was hyped up to be. Even though the iPad trumps the Fire in almost any area, it seems that the Fire will fare well given its aggresive price.

ForestDepths4033d ago

I remember when Apple's app store wasn't that impressive, so I agree that if this tablet gets some market share due to its low price, that its app store and worthwhile apps will get to critical mass pretty quickly. Still, being tablet-less and now knowing Fire's limitations, I'm still sticking with making rent, as the article pointed out.

spall034032d ago

yeah dude, but the point is you can still make rent even after buying the thing. unless you're a grad student or something ;)