RIM: 'We're committed to the keyboard'

Engadget - With all the gossip about BBX screens becoming more tablet-like and the rumored BlackBerry 'London' being QWERTY-less, lovers of the physical keyboard can be forgiven for getting antsy. Hey, we feel it too -- after all, a BB's thumb pad is as quintessential as Québécois poutine. So, we put the question straight to one of our buddies at RIM.

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SKUD4029d ago

I miss being able to type quick to medium messages on BB's keyboard. I was so use to it I knew where the keys were without looking. Can't do that with the iPhone.

KingPin4029d ago

pffft!! well RIM why not have a phone that have touch screens only, hybrid phones <touch and type> and keypad phones with no touch screens.

you know what im talking about - its called variety. giving consumers the option to choose what they like.

Just a thought. small wonder why droids are whipping your ass.