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Nokia Lumia 800 hits UK stores, preorder demand leaves Orange UK glowing

Engadget - As Nokia's first Windows Phone lights up shop fronts across Britain, Orange has informed us that the Lumia 800 has attracted the most attention it's ever seen for a Nokia device. Based on preorders, the smartphone has trumped both the critically acclaimed N95 and the 5800, while we're sure the gratis Xbox 360 for upgraders hasn't hurt demand -- 50 percent of those looking to pick up the polycarbonate phone are already Orange customers.

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Orange adds £41m to our bills – but what does that look like?

Which? Conversation: Happy Orange Wednesday! Or not so happy if you’re actually an Orange customer. One year ago today Orange announced a price rise on fixed mobile contracts, but how much did this add to its customers' bills?

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Everything Everywhere Announce UK's First 4G Network

NRM: "Everything Everywhere, parent company of UK mobile networks Orange and T-Mobile, have today announced the rollout of the nation's first 4G network, alongside a complete rebranding to 'EE.'"

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Camera phones on test: HTC One X, iPhone 4S, Xperia S, Galaxy SII, Lumia 800

Pocket-Lint: Cameras are one of the main battlegrounds for modern smartphones, with each manufacturer looking to point out why theirs is better than the next rival.

"With ImageSense, HTC One rivals traditional digital cameras with improvements to every part of the camera", says HTC; "iPhone 4S includes an all new camera with the most advanced optics of any phone", says Apple; "leading Carl Zeiss optics" says Nokia. So, who do we believe, and, more importantly what difference does all the spec-talk about sensors and apertures make in real world use?

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