HTC Zeta rendered, rumored to pack 2.5GHz quad-core CPU and Ice Cream Sandwich

The HTC Zeta comes with the most powerful quad core processor yet.

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contra1574543d ago

But will the operating system optimize it properly

ThePundit4543d ago

Most probably by the time a quad core phone is released android might have one that is optimised.

Strange_Evil4543d ago

The question isn't if the OS can be optimized, the question is whether the battery life can even last 3/4th of a day with a Quad core processor. At this point of time, I'd gladly trade in a Quad Core for more battery life. Phone's now-a-days aren't slow by any means. Neither have we seen mind blowing games that can make use of such juice. It's an overkill IMO especially for mobiles...

ThePundit4543d ago

But there is one thing, that it is difficult to improve ARM processors beyond what they are today. There is no point in increasing the clock speed as it would just heat up and give people burns.

A multi-core processor might be able to handle each part of the phones functioning simultaneously: a core for the dsp, one for the cam, one for the simultaneous data connection, and one for whatever app is running.

silenius4543d ago

quad core cpu for a mobile phone...
I think our consumer greed has gone too far at this point. :/
How about to focus on a smartphone that operates well enough and you don't have to charge it every freakin' day?

wenaldy4543d ago

Even my HTC DHD need to recharge twice a day..!!!

ThePundit4543d ago

A quad-core phone would probably make us carry 4 batteries with us each day.

silvacrest4542d ago

to be fair, HTC are known for bad battery life

wenaldy4542d ago

Well nope, almost every single smartphone has similar problem (Blackberry, iPhone you name it). Blame for the stagnancy of battery development/ innovations.

silvacrest4542d ago

if your talking generally then yeah, battery tech has not caught up, in the mainstream market anyway, a Japanese company has created a battery/device that can be fully charged in 10 mins, there are other successful attempts at better battery life too, but nothing has made it to the consumer yet

i think its just a matter of time now, mostly because the portable devices are becoming so powerful we need something that provides better battery performance

what i said is still true, comparing HTC phones to similar speced phones/manufacturers and the same android OS, HTC still performs poorly when it comes to battery life

i wont comment on blackberry or iphone since i dont use either