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Microsoft CEO Ballmer: ‘We are in the Windows era; we were, we are, and we always will be’

“Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer during the company’s annual shareholder’s meeting made the declaration that Windows would never go away,” Electronista reports.

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buddymagoo4540d ago

I'd say we are in the Apple era, it may be the end but stil the Apple era. I'd say the Microsoft era was 1995-2002 roughly.

TheEatingVodka4540d ago

LOL what?
You do realize 90% of the world uses Windows right?
And Android also surpassed the iPhone so please explain to me how do we live in the Apple era?

buddymagoo4540d ago

So you think the ipod, iTunes or even the iphone have had no impact on the world in the last decade?

ngecenk4540d ago

recent survey shows 50+% of the surfing activity done from mobile. put those on the map. ms era is over.

Micro_Sony4540d ago

The amount of fail in your comment is unbelievable.

Your comment is a perfect example of Apple slapping the words S or G on a product that is basically the same but with 1 or 2 upgrades added, which they could have released with the original product but will milk it because people will buy anything with a apple logo on it.

Kaneda4540d ago

@Micro, at least S and G works perfectly! unlike M$ Vista, that failed to copy OS X.

Speed-Racer4540d ago

@Kaneda - Why don't you stop being a butthurt and stop focusing only on failed projects.

PetitPiPi4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

I agree with Racer-X. stfu please.

meetajhu4540d ago

i pity foo on the guy who agrees with you. Windows demolishes everything

mcstorm4540d ago

I kind of agree with you on this one. We are in a mobile era but at this moment in time its made up of apple and android in the mobile phone and tablet side. But I think this will start to change over the next 18 months and we will be able to add Microsoft to this list.

Mobile phone and tablets at the moment are too limited to be able to replace the home desktop pc or laptop because of things like not being able to brows flash, HTML5 sites. Not having a full office suite different user accounts ect. Tables are way behind pc's and laptops but once Windows 8 is out it will change this as it will offer everything a pc or laptop has as well as having a new touch UI in metro which works very well on there phones and the new xbox dash.

I think MS are onto a winner with the new metro UI and I also think ms are now starting to get back to being the inventive company they were in the 90s and early 00s.

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Speed-Racer4540d ago

Guessing you never heard of Windows 7.

thebudgetgamer4540d ago

You mean lets see what else we can rip off of OSX,no why?

Aussiegamer4540d ago (Edited 4540d ago )

@racer hey dude I know we have had our differences in the past but come on this guy has to be trolling. "you mean lets see what else we can rip off osx". Hahahaha I laughed that hard at work.

Speed-Racer4540d ago

LOL... I wonder if he is getting paid to troll.

thebudgetgamer4540d ago

Trolling? I write there are two operating systems I like more than windows, you make it seem like i wrote something crazy. I sometimes forget Liking Apple and its products is taboo in these parts.

Pikajew4540d ago

YOu cant play games on OSX

sjaakiejj4539d ago

Never worked with Mac, but here's my stats for Windows and Linux over a 3 year period

Productivity: High
Number of times crashed: 0
Slowdown relative of when I first installed it: 0%

Windows 7:
Speed of work: Low (Please wait while windows starts Word.......)
Number of times crashed: Lost count
Slowdown relative of when I first installed it: 50%

Hmm, I'd say
Linux > Windows

Don't know where OSX fits in.

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Shackdaddy8364540d ago

Woot! Go Linux! Minority FTW!

Agent_hitman4540d ago

I agree with you Mr. ballmer, I love windows OS.. And always will be!!

Long live for Windows!

SEAN16174540d ago

Google is about to eat microsoft's lunch, and before all you ms LOVERS jump all over me if we are in the windows era why am i typing this message off of a tab which has nothing to do with windows. Face it Microsoft is loosing market share, to portable devices which can, do more, while doing less. MS is playing catch up with win8.

hiredhelp4540d ago

We have had no other real option other than windows, all devs use it and program for it and with it games are supported for it. Making it very hard for apple Personally i started using windows since 98. Exc amiga lol and acorn hwever that being said i would love for another real OS maybe sony do one because windows has alot of trash on it. And can be a right pain many holes in windows witch MS know of and for a good reason.
When people call me up to deal with there systems much of this is to do with clogged systems or malware or. Random crap witch is why i like my ipad and ps3 linux WWW. virus and cr@p free.
Other than that windows is usefull hell i rather have win7 than new win8 thoe i rather have xp over than vista or have win98 over win ME. I shut the f up.

mcstorm4540d ago

I kind of agree with you here but people keep saying windows has loads of trash and virus/spyware programs. There is a reason why it has them and that is because around 94% of computers are windows so there is not really much need for anyone to target Linux, Google, and OSX because the market is so small. The bigger they get just like mac os is now the more virus appear on the systems.

But Like I said above IOS, Android, RIM ect on tablets are limited and can only do a fraction of what a windows tablet can do but at this moment in time a windows tablet is not that easy to use without a pen so this is why MS are making Windows 8 with tablets, laptops and desktops in mind.

Windows offers alot more than any other OS out there too and put that on a tablet people will pick windows 8 up on tablets rather than a laptop or even the ipad.

I did think MS were starting to lose the plot a few years ago esp with Office 07 and Windows Vista but since windows 7 has come out MS have really started to pickup the game again. Look at WP7 and the 360 and you can start to see MS are once again making solid OS systems and starting to get back at being the best again.

Every company has its time at the top but it can not last for ever. It was Apple then MS took it from them then apple took the mobile market but Google has taken that from them sony were best seling consoles but this gen Nintendo and MS have done better.

Technology is changing all the time and so are the leading companys. From what I have seen from Apple over the last 12 months they are starting to hit a brick wall with IOS and noting is really being added to the OS for tablets or phones where MS and Android are adding new bits.

I dont think we will ever see 1 company have complete control of the mobile/tablet market I think this will be split between MS, Apple and Android but the PC market will still be MS big money maker.

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