Siri cracked, now possible on any platform

The mobile developers at Applidium have successfully managed to crack Apple’s personal assistant Siri protocol.

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Speed-Racer4033d ago

Pretty sure Apple will crack down on this soon.

KingPin4033d ago

well theyd want to. no doubt about that. but once anything is on the internet, its a free for all.

i remember once upon a time they were going to stop downloading of illegal mp3s. yeah, that didnt go so well.

Speed-Racer4033d ago


They would need to come up with a really advanced encryption method to pass the data if they want to protect Siri, and have alternatives every time hackers break it. I'd be pissed if I was an iPhone 4S owner, because that's pretty much the only of few things that really differentiate it from the iPhone 4.

gaffyh4033d ago

You know what would be really annoying, if this runs on other phones without having to connect to the internet... because that is a pain.

RurouniKaze4032d ago

you foolish mortal. The only reason Siri works so well is because the workload is done via an apple server which receives its info from the phone via the internet. I hope you feel like shit for having a brain like shit. I SAID GOOD DAY !!!

gaffyh4032d ago (Edited 4032d ago )

That's why I said it would be annoying, cos iPhone needs to always connect to the internet to use Siri, and it would be a ripoff for us if the non-iPhone version worked without needing to be connected