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Intel Sandy Bridge-E roundup

Intel released Sandy Bridge-E today. Here's what's new, what's not, and where to find out more about it.

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What You Need To Know About Sandy Bridge-E

Intel has just unleashed a new line of processors. It’s not based on a new architecture, but is instead an expansion of the current Sandy Bridge line. Now, instead of a maximum of four cores, you can buy a processor with up to six!

Of course, you could do that months ago – but you’d have to purchase a processor using the Nehalem architecture. That made no sense, because the quickest quad-core Sandy Bridge options were almost as fast and hundreds less expensive. Does Sandy Bridge-E resolve that issue? Let’s take a closer look.

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iBuypower Chimera 4: Specs and Price with Core i7-3930K processor

Techgadgetsreview: iBuypower unleashes its Chimera 4 desktop series equipped with Intel Core i7-3930K processor. Learn more about its specs, models and price details.

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Sandy Bridge Xeons: Dual Socket 2011 designs coming in 2012

The latest Sandy Bridge-E 6 core processors have just been released, to excellent reviews. However, the architecture is designed for 8 cores, so these current i7-3960X & i7-3930K processors actually contain those 8 cores, but with two turned off in order to enable them to fit within a manageable 130 W power envelope. Hence there's quite a bit more potential to be released and soon.