How to use iTunes Match

A simple walk through on the iTunes Match Service launched by Apple.

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iTunes Match can now stream music directly, without having to download

9to5mac: After iOS 6 hit the Developer Center on Monday afternoon, the new iOS’ features have begun to come out. Today, Apple n Apps has found a new feature that has yet to been uncovered. It involves Apple’s iTunes Match, which was launched last November as a way to scan and match tracks in users’ iTunes library to all of their devices.


iTunes Match lands in UK App Store... with a bump

Pocket-Lint: The iTunes Match music service has landed in the UK with a bit of a bump, as it looks as though it has suffered from a premature release - something that is never welcome.

Reports came in that iTunes Match had been spotted in a variety of countries outside the US, with the UK, France, Australia and New Zealand all reporting the new service going live. However, despite being allowed to sign up to the service, users were having trouble getting the service to work.

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More iTunes Match answers: DJ sets, how to replace music, and more

Apple launched its iCloud-based music service iTunes Match this week, and we tried to answer a handful of your most popular questions immediately after the launch. Now that a few days have passed, however, Ars readers have followed up with even more questions about how the service works, so we're happy to provide even more answers.

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