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Kindle bath-time fun with the OverBoard eBook Reader Case

Pocket-Lint: No longer is your bath-time reading constricted to an old Viz or a crumpled copy of your lady's Glamour magazine that have been left lying next to the toilet. From now on, it's perfectly safe to dig deep into your latest novel in electronic form.

Nope, Amazon hasn't unveiled a waterproof Kindle (yet), rather OverBoard, a leading designer and manufacturer of waterproof travel and sports gear, has come to the rescue with its 100 per cent waterproof eBook Reader Case.

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Amazon Kindle 2019 Review - The Best Just Got Better | CGMagazine

While lacking some of the features seen on the Paper White, the new 2019 Kindle offers plenty of value for the staggeringly low price of entry.

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It takes 8 hours 59 minutes to read Amazon Kindle’s terms and conditions

Don't bother reading Amazon Kindle's terms and conditions because it will literally take you all day.

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Amazon Kindle review : Techradar

We've tested the Amazon Kindle display to see how it compares to the Kindle Voyage and Kindle Paperwhite. Read down below to find out whether the Kindle has a good enough screen for what you want.

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