iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4: is it worth to upgrade?

So, what exactly are the improvements, the enhancements and the advantages of the iPhone 4S compared to the old iPhone 4? They will all be debated in a comprehensive iPhone 4 vs. 4S match.

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iamnsuperman3056d ago

Simple answer is No. It what the Iphone 4 should have been but lets be honest the amount apple update the phones the iphone 4 will be getting cheap and cheaper (if your iphone breaks) then fork out when the iphone 5 comes out (if you want an iphone). The new features are great but for me it is not worth cancelling my contract (getting charged for it) then get another Iphone contract and spending a lot to just get the phone/ spending around £500 for a pay as you go phone. Both options are very expensive. But then again this is just me. I would rather keep my money than buy a phone that quite possibly be out of date in one to two years with an upgrade being released.

Madusha3055d ago

The only reason behind your purchase should be Siri and the slightly improved camera. The improvements in speed will be barely noticeable. Siri isn't very useful if you live outside the U.S (apparently):!/aral...

But Apple is promising updates.

I say just wait for the iPhone 5 if you own the iPhone 4. But if you currently have something older such as the 3GS, upgrading would be good.

ChrisW3055d ago

Just like Windows... upgrade every other release. I have a 3GS, so the upgrade will definitely be worth it.

outwar60103056d ago

im still very happy with my iphone 4

techexclusive3055d ago

Siri is why im upgrading. Siri looks cool.

Speed-Racer3055d ago

You are a fool... UNLESS your upgrade is at a very very low price.

Yomiro3055d ago

Siri is coming later to iPhone 4 as well.

AlexMyDG3055d ago

As soon as the iCloud gets out of beta, which won't be any time soon. 2 Months at least, to cover the iPhone 4S sales.

Madusha3055d ago

I heard Siri won't be coming to the older models. It should be available on the iPad 2, though. So only products with the A5 chip. Just a way of making Apple more monneyz - upgrade or you can't get it.

PCRockStar3055d ago

Don't listen to these dorks. You get what you want mate. No one here should freaking judge you or say you're a fool.

By the way Siri is only for the 4s!

techexclusive3055d ago

Its quite a cheap upgrade. But I like Siris :P

techexclusive3055d ago

Let's just say that Siri is a long-distance drivers dream. :) Also a lazy persons dream, either way you will like Siri, and that is just the beta version.

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