Six iPhone 4S, iOS 5 Features That'll Impact Gaming

Chris Buffa (Modojo): Now that the iPhone's a respected gaming platform, fans eagerly anticipate new updates to improve the overall experience, and they received some great ones this week in the form of iPhone 4S and iOS 5.

Goeres4570d ago

I just farted on my hand.

Jihaad_cpt4570d ago

oh God that was the worst most nonsensical "article" I have read... In short and in my opinion nothing about iOS 5 will change gaming. I repeat nothing...

1: A5 Chip, PS Vita's CPU shits all over that
2: Game centre = Xbox Live quality service, what a joke
3: 8 Megapixel camera? is that suppose to impress me? [old]
4: iCloud? Lol, Google and Sony have things like that
5: No wires? PS Remote play, Nintendo WiiU
6: Siri? This one was the most nonsensical reason. "It will probably happen."

twora4570d ago

notice how all our points are on separate systems and service apple put them all into one. It already has changed handheld gaming, a 2 word argument is all it takes and if you don't understand than you don't, "Angry Birds".
Its not just about a systems hardware or features, its it the user experiences it.
Don't be so ignorant

Baka-akaB4570d ago

except they arent really separate on some platform like the vita

Jihaad_cpt4569d ago

Im pretty sure the PS Vita does it all beside the Siri. Oh and Im sure that a Samsung Galaxy can do all those things...


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1nsomniac1655d ago

Fair play to them. On the ethical hacker side of things I would use the hack as leverage against Apple to continue to support their equipment. As they just dropped support for their iPad mini2’s etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with them, they work perfectly fine but are now blocked from receiving security updates etc. So the consumer is forced to purchase a new product that does the exact same thing.


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