Wikipedia shuts down its Italian site in protest of new ‘gag law’

The Wikipedia Foundation has shut down the Italian arm of its website in protest of a proposed Italian law which puts severe restrictions on news and other media based websites.

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RonyDean2622d ago

What a bunch of babies, they need to stop hating.

Winkle922621d ago

This is great. The fact that Wikipedia is protesting the removal of free speech is an endeavor that more companies need to do! I applaud them for standing strong and not bending over to the Italian gov't.

andron2621d ago

I don't consider standing up for your rights to be crybabies, rather I support it in full.

It's clear that this law shouldn't be passed in its present form, it would kill free speech in Italy...

Speed-Racer2621d ago (Edited 2620d ago )

Do you mean Wikipedia or the Government?

I think Wiki is now becoming a more trusted source of news and the fact that they are ensuring that content isnt filtered deserves a round of applause.