Three Reasons Why T-Mobile isn’t Getting the iPhone 5


On September 19th, Cole Brodman Chief Marketing Officer of T-Mobile informed his employees that T-Mobile would be unable to have the iPhone 5 this year. Brodman went further in expressing his feelings towards the matter with an open letter that was published last week Monday. In this letter, Brodman informed us that T-Mobile now supports 1 million iPhone users on T-Mobile’s network, and that they would love to bring the full experience to T-Mobile customers who want an iPhone, but just can’t. A lot of you are now left with a but a single question: why won’t they bring the iPhone 5 to T-Mobile? Well, it goes a little something like this…

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iamnsuperman3966d ago

Reason Number Four Why T-Mobile isn’t Getting the iPhone 5: It will not be the Iphone 5 but the Iphone 4S released.

gogospeedracer3965d ago

If AT&T has it's way it will own T-Mobile. Not going to happen though.