Apple leaks "iPhone 4S" product name in latest iTunes beta

With just days to go before the company is expected to detail its latest iPhone offerings, Apple has let slip references to an iPhone 4S in its latest iTunes beta.

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Speed-Racer2785d ago

But the 4S is supposed to be a dumbed down version of the 4 I believe? I hope this is not their big surprise tomorrow.

mcstorm2785d ago

I really hope this is the start of the end for the Iphone. If it is the Iphone4s then I know alot of people who will look at moving to Windows Phone 7 and android if it is just another minor upgrade of the Iphone 4.

mcstorm2784d ago

Its not that i hate the iphone or apple but they do offer people he same thing time after time slap a big price tag on it and show it off as something new. I really do think this is the start of the end of the iphone and ipad devices sales will start to get less and less over the next few years.

Kyle12122784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

i bought a windows phone 7 when my original iphone was up, i cannot believe how amazingly simple and fluent this phone is, and when 7.5 came out, it defiantly became my favourite UI to use on any smartphone or phone in general.

It's just so damn easy!

mcstorm2784d ago

I have to agree with you but ms need to get the phone in peopes hands to get the devices selling. When i got my titan on Saturday i knew mpre than any of the sales guys in the shop on what wp7 could do but they were impressed with the device and a few said they were going to look at changing from iphone to wp7 for there next phone.

But i do think apple have made a big cockup and both windows phone 7 amd android will take some of apples market share as the media roumers ect were making the device sound like nothing else that was out there when all they have done is changed the processor and kept the phone looking the same.

red2tango2785d ago

I wanted an iPhone but they don't work with every provider, and this has led me to discover the beautiful Android world.