TekGoblin: Firefox 7 Review And Benchmark


This week Mozilla released Firefox 7, touting increases in HTML5 standards compliance as well as reduced system memory requirements. I downloaded it to try it out, and for the most part things are as advertised.

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Speed-Racer3969d ago

FF7 is a bloody train wreck. Crashed me PC several times, and I run a decent rig... saw many instances of similar occurrences on the Mozilla forums.

mjurek3968d ago

I haven't seen any crashes and it still seems to suck up memory.

Peaceful_Jelly3968d ago

Chrome uses like twice the memory of FF and nobody says anything. Why?

mjurek3968d ago

Yeah I never understood that, Chrome spawns multiple processes for no reason at all!

Baka-akaB3968d ago

there is a huge difference between multiprocessing , and silply having an insane memory leak

kaveti66163968d ago

It runs a new process for every tab so that when one tab crashes the entire browser doesn't crash.

Just because you don't know why something happens, don't say that it happens for no reason, please.

TheIneffableBob3968d ago

Chrome taking up a lot of memory doesn't really bother me. It's pretty stable and it spawns multiple processes so that if a tab crashes, the entire browser doesn't. RAM is dirt cheap nowadays and computers have tons of it.

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Shackdaddy8363968d ago

Just switched from chrome to opera and it's amazing. I didn't know any web browser could be better than chrome but I was dead wrong. You should try opera out...

Sahil3968d ago

I've tried Opera.. not really impressed with the speed.

mjurek3968d ago

I just tried opera, further tests are needed :)

Sahil3968d ago

my brother did a clean install of FF 7 the other day. It used more memory on 2 different computers than previous versions, coming in at 400mb - 500mb and would severely slowdown or lock up after a few hours.

Speed-Racer3968d ago

Mine floats around 300-400MB but on a bad day, it could go up to 3GB :/

Sahil3968d ago

They HAVE to let the browser eat more RAM to make it faster. The competition is fierce these days and nobody wants to use a slug!

zero_cool3968d ago

Well im using the latest version of opera & it runs fine 90% of the time with minimal issues & rarely crashes on me.I had more issues & crashes with Internet explorer,chrome & fire fox then i have had with opera thus far.

ssb31733967d ago

Just got Firefox 7 and it is an absolute pain so far, it had frozen my computer uncountable times and is far slower than previous ones... I should have stuck to 3.6