Android Leaves iOS Standing

Bright Hub - In the battle between iOS and Android, Google has been making consistent moves while Apple seems to be lagging behind. Will these moves result in Android becoming the world's dominant smartphone OS, or is Apple's stranglehold on all things tech too big to overcome?

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KingPin4151d ago

android 2.2 was already better than iOS. lol

id know this coz i bought the htc desire Z and before buying it, gave my friends iPhone a test run for a month.

i did full research on everything the phone had to offer.

i swear i could write a thesis with all the info i got.

RazMaTaz01214151d ago

Iphone just has apps and runs like silk. If Android can adapt to those it would be literally a perfect OS. IOS really needs to give a bit more depth to its OS, its a little too simple.

Sahil4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )


more apps on android = people totally digging it.

Sahil4151d ago (Edited 4151d ago )

Android feels complicated, I had android first but with it's limited apps and no progress in the marketplace, I switched to iOS, now no plans of switching back.

thebudgetgamer4151d ago

you can't say stuff like that around here. don't you know that apple = evil.

Sahil4151d ago

am sorry to disappoint you but not for me :)

Captain Qwark 94147d ago

windows phone mango......obliterates both imo