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Galaxy MDT X5 Graphics Card Unboxing and Review | Gamer Reaction

Alex, from Gamer Reaction got a chance to check out the smoking HOT Galaxy MDT X5 Graphics Card. Check it out!

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SKUD4596d ago

I'm all for multi-display gaming. Which this GPU does well. I just hate the gaps between the monitors (side bezels). It's hard to find monitors that really flow together for a seamless view with hardly any gaps.


Apple Exec: Early Galaxy phones were a 'poor copy' of the iPhone

Even if this is true, does it actually even matter?

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PrimeVinister662d ago

'Poor' is objective but they were following Apple. And it definitely doesn't matter now.


Use Galaxy self-repair to easily repair your Galaxy device: Here's how

Use Galaxy self-repair to easily repair your Galaxy device. Samsung has teamed up with iFixit to make it easier for Galaxy device and tablet owners to fix

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Get 12 months of Samsung Care+ and $100 trade-in credit when you reserve the new Galaxy phone

You don't want to miss out on this deal.

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