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Mix & Match: Choosing Parts for Your Next PC Build

Theinkandpen "A comprehensive guide to PC parts and components to help both the budding PC builder and soon-to-be enthusiast."

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toaster4630d ago

There are quite a few issues with this article.. one of the biggest ones is that the GPU recommendations are very very outdated..

theinkandpen4626d ago

Hey Toast,

I know you are quite experienced with builds (from forums), and have enjoyed pictures from the Con you attended (can't remember what it was).

Basically, yes, I added what GPU articles there were. I think the BFG and GTX295 are still used. I still have one machine with a 478 socket and AGP 8x slot, and play a lot of games on 4650. Unforutnately it's missing the big cards and there's no GTX 460 or 5xx series cards.

I did put another article which is aimed at big builds. Please let me know anything else you find wrong with the article, I don't just write to pull traffic.

toaster4626d ago

Yeah I noticed that it was just a few articles put together. The older gen cards can still hold their own, no doubt about that. Even my 9800GT is still kicking ass. One of the things that caught my attention was that there was no mention of Sandy Bridge. Currently, there really isn't a reason to get 1366 or Phenom II when even mid-range SB CPUs like the 2500K can outperform the high-end Bloomfield and even Gulftown chips. Sandy Bridge would be the best and most logical purchase for the end user.

Other than a few new hardware that could have been included I found the guide pretty useful in explaining what things are and what they do. I'd like to see your article on a bigger build, if you could link it. It's nice to see brighthub have a nice mix of Linux, Windows and Mac articles!


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