Sony updates PSN user agreement to block class action lawsuits

Examiner - Sony is updating the user agreement for the Playstation Network starting on September 15 and one of the changes included in the update seeks to stop class action lawsuits against the company.

In place of the right for PSN users to file a class action lawsuit against Sony, section 15 of the PSN user agreement leaves "Binding Individual Arbitration" as the only option to solve disputes.

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Sahil2679d ago

I'm no layer, but how can that be legal? How can it be legal to force someone to sign away a right or lose 30 days of a service they have already paid for? If that user accepted the terms once and paid for the service of online gaming (through purchase of the game and system) how can Sony argue that it's legal to interrupt that service for 30 days because they felt like changing the agreement on the fly?

Speed-Racer2678d ago

Because they can? Terms are subject to change. Pretty much most service contracts have such a clause somewhere in the agreement.

I think what they are doing now is pretty smart from the business aspect. Rather than having to pay out everyone in a class action lawsuit, it would be much cheaper to litigate individual cases, because the numbers of affected consumers may be much lower than paying out everyone (because most of the times, affected clients represent a small percentage).

Darkspade2678d ago

because they have the money.. Money Equals Power and sony has alot of it...

Parapraxis2678d ago

PSN is not paid for.
When you buy a PS3 you pay for the hardware, that is all. You can do whatever you want with that hardware, but the software is off limits.
Also, if you are suing Sony, why would you want or expect them to continue providing that free service. Wouldn't any use of PSN during litigation basically forfeit your case?

ProGrasTiNation2678d ago

Sony still cleaning up the mess they made with the Original ps3's & linux,going after homebrew & tech researcher's,hell didn't they fire the man whos dream it was to build a console like the ps3 & then strip it right down to basics the first chance they got.
Anyway if you want to opt out,you just got to let them no were you
But not in the E.U sony,our laws protect us from corporations that act like you!

fatstarr2676d ago

this reminds me of the southpark episode where no one reads the tos. sony is sneaky yet smart for this but im not gonna sign it just yet.