Microsoft shows-off Windows 8. Stop all the fuss

Which? Conversation: Microsoft is attempting to whip up a frenzy around its next operating system, Windows 8, at its BUILD conference. To me, there’s nothing to get excited about – other than the fact that Microsoft is finally catching up.

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Sahil4604d ago

Microsoft became irrelevant the moment they announced their Online Office (whatever it's called) some months ago. They celebrated and shouted, "look what we did!" but failed to add the qualifier, "only 3 years after Google did it!" They have been, for almost 10 years now, consistently 3 years (almost to the day) behind the industry trends, and the only thing keeping them funded right now is the momentum of Windows and MS Office licenses. Once desktop Windows workstations drop below some critical percentage of the market, MS will very quickly topple - they're too big to fund if their market share drops and they're too slow to change their market position fast enough to survive. In 12-15 years, MS' only surviving business unit will likely be the group maintaining MS Office.

caseh4604d ago

'Once desktop Windows workstations drop below some critical percentage of the market, MS will very quickly topple'

Not gonna happen anytime soon, they have no direct competition from a business viewpoint for end-users and if you say Apple I think I may cough up a lung.

Like twilight said below, they own a huge chunk of the market. MS is the main choice for network infrastructures due to the fact it just fucking intergrates with like 90% of what businesses need to perform.

A nice example would be that they come out with Lync recently, their own soft IPPBX. I work at a telephony company and the moment we became gold certified we got hammered with requests for it. Why? Because it intergrates with what they already have, minimum hassle and its a great product.

Linux/Unix/Apple have their place but assuming they will ever lead the market at least from a business perspective is like saying you can change the tyres on a moving truck...ain't gonna happen.

Twilightx74604d ago

Your comment is completely ignorant of the fact that over 70% of the world still uses Windows platforms, develops their products for Windows platforms, and develops ON Windows platforms. This includes everybody from small start-ups to full government and defense agencies, who have and will continue to renew their contracts with Microsoft. If you think MS is going anywhere other than where it is, then you've got some bizarre and optimistic outlook on life.

mcstorm4604d ago

I have to agree with you on this. MS have been behing in some things like smartphones and tablets not because ms did a poor job on there os but the fact the devices were not yet powerful enough to run what the software offered. Apple took a step back with the iphone and offered limited functions to run on its hardware then when the 1ghz processors hit the market android came about which is alot like the windows mobile. MS have now decided to go back the the drawing board and change its looks and direction on pc laptop tablets phones and xbox making them all have the same type of dash easy to use and voice technology that is way ahead of anyone elses.

Windows 8 looks very impressive and its a full os so it will support everything a desktop pc will not a cut down version with limits like android and ipad but works jus as fast and as easy as them both and will have a wide range of devices to pick from. Theen there is wp7 which with the mango update will bring the device right in line with iphone and android but not relying on apps to make it work with everything ms have built a system thet keeps you up todate with everything and everyone out of the box.

Yes ms lost market share in some areas over he last 10 years but the have seen what mastakes they have made and are now putting them right and i see the next 10 years being very big for ms.

thorstein4604d ago

Exactly. This is just a macfan article. Boring. When the article creator said, "finally catching up," I thought he/ she meant with Linux. But to claim Windows 8 or 7 is "catching up" to MacOS(Whatever), I was laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

The mac os's continue to be horrible. Oooh, they added touch functionality. Wow! Apple is soooo innovative. Forget that touch technology has been around for almost 50 years. Woooohooo! Apple has done it again! /s

mcstorm4603d ago

I have to agree with you. For some reason max fans keep telling me that Macs never crash yet we have a max at work that has crashed quite alot and when I was on a site the other week a max user had a problem opeing emails in Macs version of outlook and when ad asked could I have a look he said he just needs to reboot his max as it has frozen. I also know people who have had iPhones and had problem them them freezing and having to wait for the charge to drain before they can use it again and also having to reboot the phone as emails stop coming in.

I have a windows pc and yes every now and then there are problems with it but that's because I'm over using it I also have a xoom which I've never had a problem with and I also have a HTC hd7 wp7 phone that since having nodo installed its not once crased or had to be rebooted.

Alot of people who think Apple are creative are people who don't know anything about technology and Apple are very good at showing off there products as being the 1st. The iPhone is easy to use I will give it that so is the iPad but they are limited. Big example is my boss other half got a iPad to brows the web check her online banking ECT yet everytime se wants to check her Bank account she has to power up her laptop as its a flash site.

To me MS have always offered the most out of there os systems but in doing this its opened up problems. Where with wp7 windows 8 MS offers there open world windows has always had but now with some rules like minimum specs for tablets and phones. Templates on what the app has to look like and demos of all games. To me MS doing this will improve there os system and it is now giving them the ability to have the cool image too. Now all MS need to do is start pushing there os on the tv and get HTC Samsung Nokia ECT to push the devices.

badkolo4604d ago

windows 8 looks amazing, you can still have your old look by clicking a desktop app, the way all 3 systems will now have the same look, xbox live is integrated and it will run butter smooth on tablets and give pc users the same new feel. Yes they might be late to the game but windows 8 looks like it will get it right.


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