Funniest Comment On Any Android App [Humor]

HackSlurp-"This is by far the funniest comment I have ever been through in Android Market.

This comment was made on the famous application 'LauncherPro'. For those of you who do not know, this app is an alternative Android launcher which is supposed to change the looks of your home-screen and along with other customization options.

The fact that it was written with utmost innocence makes it the best !

Have a look."

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toaster4157d ago

LOL, someone take this person's phone away from them. LauncherPro is beautiful. I much prefer it over the other launchers and Sense.

Speed-Racer4157d ago

Oh come on guys, 1 image....and giving away the punch line in the image. Next time you need to do a top 10 or something.

*pulls out reddit mod rule book*... oh wait...

KingPin4157d ago

iv seen funnier comments for the mxit app. those south africans got a good sense of humour. and when something sucks, they aint shy to say so.

toaster4157d ago

My favorites are the ones in a language other than English and it explicity says so in the description yet there are still those retards that are like "dumb app duznt even in english how am i supposed to use it fail uninstalling lololol".

TheIneffableBob4156d ago

This app sucks because it does what it's supposed to do!

FaSCoRP4156d ago

Some people does not be allowed to install programs