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German court upholds injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Apple wins nationwide ban

Engadget - A German court has weighed in on Apple's seemingly interminable patent battle against Samsung, and it isn't looking good for Galaxy Tab users. In a ruling issued today, a Düsseldorf Higher Regional Court upheld last month's preliminary injunction, banning the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 within Germany. Citing the slate's "minimalist, modern form," presiding judge Johanna Brueckner-Hoffmann determined that Samsung's tablet bears a "clear impression of similarity" with the iPad 2, thereby meriting a nationwide ban.

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sealava4167d ago

LOL ... what an idiot judge .
this will hurt apple fans more .. no competition = bad product over time .

Jihaad_cpt4166d ago

I hope youre not American

Blaine4166d ago

It's a TABLET. Not much you can do with the design. A big screen on the front and, uh... that's it.

mcstorm4166d ago

This is now becomming a joke. I really do hopw this apple bubble burst soon. E eryone hated ms a few years back when they we buying companys and adding things like ie into windows and they were slapped with a big fine splitup and had to give users a choice. Now apple are hurting samsung anyway they can. If anything hp among other companys should take apple to court for saying the ipad looks like a windows tablet.

I hve never been a apple fan to me everything is over priced and never the best on the market.

I really hope android and windows phone 7 takes way most of the iphone market and that android and windows 8 tablets take away the ipad market i also hope now that jobs has steped down apple crumble again like they did before ms bailed them out.