Carol Bartz exclusive: Yahoo "f---ed me over"

Here is what Carol Bartz thinks of the Yahoo (YHOO) board that fired her: "These people f---ed me over," she says, in her first interview since her dismissal from the CEO role late Tuesday.

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Legion4043d ago

For the money she was getting paid... every CEO like her should be "f---ed... over".

iamnsuperman4043d ago

There is a reason why CEO get paid loads. One of the reason is similar reason why high ranking officers in the army are paid much more. If something goes wrong the head gets the stick. CEO is a very insecure job

Legion4042d ago (Edited 4042d ago )

Comparing money of CEO and that of high ranking officers in the military is not EVEN close to being comparable.

A high ranking officer in the military does not make a combined income of 10,000 of his/or her troops. And also, both high ranking officers and CEOs rarely loose anything when being fired from their position. In the military they just move them to another job. And CEOs get stock options that are still there when they get fired.

High pay... understood. Grossly over paid. Here is a blurb of what she was offered upon being hired:

"Yahoo (YHOO) will pay its new CEO Carol Bartz an annual base salary of $1 million. Carol's also eligible for an annual 400% bonus.
She's also getting stock options for 5,000,000 shares and an equity grant of $18 million of stock, which, given Yahoo's low share price could be Carol's real prize. The option vesting is clearly structured to reward her for increasing the stock price as soon as possible."

See full pay amounts here: http://www.businessinsider....

Who the hell gets an option for an annual 400% bonus???

"Carol Bartz Net Worth
September 7, 2011

Total Compensation: 2010: $15.16 million, 2009: $47.2 million Former president and CEO of the Internet services company...


Yep... she really got screwed over. Wish someone would F--- me over like that! 2 years $62.8 Mil, Peyton Manning wishes he could have gotten that deal!

rmedtx8884043d ago

I think her reaction was very unprofessional. Who's gonna want to hire her now?

ngecenk4043d ago

a lot! yahoo is a sinking ships, the board only care about short term revenue. heck they even fire jerry yang for not selling yahoo.

carol on the other hand is the reason why autodesk program holds 75-90% of computer generated image program aside from adobe.