Nike Releasing Back to the Future II Self-Lacing MAG Shoes

MovieStinger: "It may not be 2015 yet, but Nike is getting ready to release the futuristic Nike MAG shoes seen in Back to the Future II. Nike patented the self-lacing design last year and today released a teaser video on YouTube under the user DocEmmettBrown88."

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fatstarr4612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

I want a pair my goodness i loved that movie and these just scream SWAGG

Lord_Sloth4612d ago

I'll keep my Velcro, thank you!

It is pretty awesome but I'll hold out for the hoverboard and cyborg arm!

Deadpool6164612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

Finally! A company that gets with the future early. I'm glad they took the task of making those shoes so serious, considering it was just something in a movie. I hope these go up to size 15. Everyone deserves to get a pair of these shoes that have been waiting so long, even big feet people like me. XD

Now I expect hover conversion within the next 4 years. =D

Thecraft19894612d ago (Edited 4612d ago )

Nope there only size tens and 11 Its bitch I would need size 12.5UK :( But there going for 4ish grand. I hope they go on sale for masses in the future.

Deadpool6164611d ago

You can't be serious! That's insane for a pair of shoes!

Ugh...why am I surprised? Shoes are expensive for some of the dumbest reasons in the world. -_-

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Bull5hifT4612d ago

Kanye was already wearing a pair of the old McFly's, i was looking these up, ill buy em im a lazy Basturd who doesnt like dudes making slurping Noises everytime i have to knell over to Tie My Shoe

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You’ll soon be able to use AR on Nike’s app to measure your shoe size

Lazy shoppers rejoice! You'll soon be able to measure your feet from the comfort of your own home using Nike's app thanks to Nike Fit.

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Nike honestly thinks your shoes need an app to lace up

Nike's $350 self-lacing shoes are heading to market, and now, Nike is revealing an app that goes with the shoes for tying purposes.

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Christopher1927d ago

Bro, I ain't bending over to touch my shoes if I can just use my phone.

Just imagine future sex scenes in movies where your phone loses battery life and you have to hop in bed with your fully laced shoes with that hot woman you just met because you can't unlace them. Just let this comedy gold (??) happen.

badboyz091926d ago

If they put these in NBA 2K19 I'll buy them!

rainslacker1926d ago

while the price is steep, there are people who have trouble bending over to tie their shoes. Elderly people for instance. My dad buys shoes with velcro straps now because it's hard for him to tie shoes. Overweight people as well....and I hope people don't start with the, "Well they should get in shape", because that's besides the point. Some people with back injuries or disabilities can have a really hard time bending over.

That said, there's an app for everything nowadays. Even my oven has an app, which seems pointless, since i still have to walk to it to put food in, and take it out. I saw a blender with an app in the store. Seems like Bill Gates wasn't really that off base when he said that if a toaster had a computer, he wanted it to run windows. People laughed at the absurdity of having computers on commonplace items that don't really need them, but look where we are today....there are toasters with apps.


Nike Using AR To Sell Limited Edition Shoes

AR promotion involving SNKRS app and David Chang's Momofuku restaurant is launched by Nike.

sonicwrecks2490d ago

It's been proven to help sell so not a big surprise we'll see more big companies utilizing AR.