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AMD brings Bulldozer and new Llanos to market

In which AMD announces new Opterons and A4 APUs and quietly releases an odd new Athlon II into the wild.

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fatstarr4168d ago

I want to make a mini amd rig just to see how good the chips are.

the pricing just keeps getting lower and lower for some good stuff.

Goodfella784168d ago

I really feel like amd are still continuing to take the piss,ive spent £1200 on all my amd componants now,and ive been ready to finish my build for weeks now,but i cant because bulldozer is still late (again),and i refuse to fork out £150 for a phenomx6 when thats not the cpu i intend to build my system around,,PULL OUT YOUR FINGER AMD!!!,me and many others are sick of waiting sooo long,.,.,.