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iPhone 5 display size could be 4-inches, kills iPhone 4S rumors

An iPhone 5 case has been found and it suggests that the iPhone 5 will be shorter, wider and thinner than the iPhone 4 - not only this but it will boast a 4-inch display, are you happy if this information turns out to be accurate?

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outwar60104169d ago

my iphone 4 keeps breaking and getting replaced every 5 months or so im never going apple again

yezz4169d ago

then you must have a faulty one:( I haven't had a single problem, and it is now a year old.. but yeah next ill go for samsung.

outwar60104169d ago

had a galaxy s just before the iphone 4 and got rid of it because of the lack 2.3 and the gps problems im going for the htc sensation

yezz4169d ago

but there's always galaxy s 2:)

fatstarr4169d ago

cant wait for the next galaxy s thats probbly the one i will get but samsung is not known for going above 3's for some reason.

PirosThe4th4168d ago

they just announced the galaxy note which has a massive screen and its HD 1280x800 resolution it's crazy...

iNFAMOUZ14168d ago

Might as well call it iphone snore, zzzzzzzzzz who cares

TwistedMetal4168d ago

Why would they make it thinner? the iphone 4 thickness is good and instead of makeing the iphone 5 thinner they should use that space to have longer battery life.

I mean really the thinner a phone is the easier it is to bend the thing in half and brake it in your pants pocket