Seagate drops a 4TB bomb on my mind

8087h3d1n054ur from TecStories writes: The news that Seagate is the first company to release a 4TB drive, while Hitachi was the first to get to 1TB per platter, came, to me at least, as a bit of a shocker.

The first 4TB drive released is an external 3.5incher with USB 3.0 support, and should keep you 'backing up' for quite some time. I am still on a 90gb WD Raptor with a 312gb for bulk, so I don't think my mind can even get around just what to do with this much space.

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Shackdaddy8364163d ago

How would you ever fill up 4TB???

Thecraft19894163d ago

I've got 12tb filled up 6.7tb.

Shackdaddy8364163d ago

That's ridiculous. I can barely even fill up 500GB let alone just 1TB...

toaster4162d ago

I have 4TB and could use more space still. Seagate drives aren't very reliable in my experience though. I'll wait until WD releases a 4TB drive then I'll jump, but not with Hitachi or Seagate.

DiabeticJedi4163d ago

I'm currently building a 12TB server with 2GB of parity for backing up movies, shows and my photographer GF's pictures... on top of that she stores them on 1TB drives and packs them up as well for redundancy.

1TB is getting to be less and less these days when you consider you can get 14GB rips of movies very easily and providing you have a decent connection it only takes about 10-15 minutes to download