Hotel Safes not as ‘safe’ as you may think

Thinking about storing your precious items in a digital hotel safe? Maybe you should reconsider after you see this.

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AverageGamer2602d ago

The guy set his code to 0000, how did this make the front page?

I work in a hotel, the only way to open a safe like this without the code is our special key.

toaster2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

No he set it to '123456' and the default code is something as simple as all zeros, which could potentially be a security risk.

Also, saw this on reddit first.

fatstarr2601d ago

i knew this when i was like 15. there has to be a way to change the code after a guest leaves.

but why would you put anything im the safes it doesnt scream saftey to me.

Captain Tuttle2601d ago

And hotel room safe thieves all over the world rub their hands together and chuckle a bit...